Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Awesome Artist of the Week - Une Petite Etoile

Talent in Design and Sad Statement about the CPSIA

Seeing the beautiful creations for babies and young children that come out of the studio of Une Petite Etoile is very inspiring for me.

You see, when you sell handmade clothing, you can't just run down to the store and buy a pattern and just start sewing. That's not legal! No, you must make your own patterns.

So imagine, you want to make a dress. You have to draft the pattern and make it in a variety of sizes. This requires MATH.* And trial and error. What if the sleeves are set too high? Or under the arms is cut wrong? You have to start over!

Then you make mock-ups. Is the pattern correct? Will it work in every size?

After that, you have to choose fabrics that work with the pattern. And if multiple fabrics are involved, make sure the colors and patterns go well together.

The beautiful renderings for children that come out of Une Petite Etoile's studio are gorgeous, fun, and colorful. They are the kind of clothing babies would want to wear, if they could express an opinion. I just know that.

Check them out, but check them out soon. I am not an authority on this topic, but I do know that if the CPSIA goes through as written in February 2009, don't expect to see these fashions, or many other handmade kid items available to you. Unless the items go through expensive testing for lead, they will not be able to be sold.

The total effect of this law was clearly not thought out well. I know many people are working to change it. Let's hope so. I am completely for child safety, but also believe in individual responsibility. And the last time I checked the manufacturer-supplied content labels, fabric and thread does not contain lead. Let the manufacturers of the supplies give the artists the assurance they need on their products, and with that, forget the requirement of having the end product tested.

Meanwhile, take a look at this beautiful piece! Perfect for the next baby shower you have to go to!

*really, I have a graduate degree, but no MATH was required. Thankfully.


Sandra said...

I agree - Une Petite Etoile has a spectacular eye and fashion sense - what a wonderful artist to feature!

A Blond And A Torch said...

I just love Une Petite Etoile's work! I would hate to see it go because of some crazy law.

leaderofmen said...

Une Petite Etoile's work is so lovely it is almost enough to make me want to start popping out kids! Almost. Good thing I have an adorable niece.

I truly hope this miserable legislation is somehow repealed before we lose out on such talented independent artisans.

Elizabeth said...

Please, don't do anything rash, Leader!

Cecilia said...

Thanks so much for sharing the work of Une Petite Etoile. Here's something you can do to help change CPSIA-

:: We Need Your Last Minute Votes at Change.org ::

Please VOTE at change.org to Save Small Business from the CPSIA. The deadline is at 5pm EST, just 2 more hours! Please spread the word to friends and family. Your vote today will ensure a prominent place on the national agenda for small children's product manufacturers. Vote here: http://www.change.org/ideas/view/save_handmade_toys_from_the_cpsia

Thank you!