Monday, January 19, 2009

The Content of His Character

Today, the direction of the United States will change forever.

We will have a new President. One who, I believe, listens to the collective voice of the American people. One who is not there for his own personal gain, or to fight for the wealthy. One who has selected a cabinet of advisers who are wise and smart, and know many aspects of the workings of the world. One who placed a former opponent in a key position, because she was the right person for the job.

As I watched Barack Obama and Joe Biden during their train ride to Washington for the Inauguration, I was struck by how they got off the train at various stops and went straight into the crowds, Talking to people, hugging them, connecting with them.

I know I might have readers who supported the other ticket. And I have readers in other countries who couldn't vote in our election. But today is a day for the majority, and a banner day for people who look in the mirror and never before saw no hope of ever becoming the leader of anything, let alone the free world. We all have that hope today.

The true voice of the American people was heard in this election. I am struck by the incredible grassroots movement that brought us to this era of change. This is a team that understands the power of the new media - blogs and Twitter and Facebook and blackberries and texting. They reached out, often asking for just a $5.00 contribution to make it all possible.

Welcome to Washington, President Obama and Vice President Biden. Welcome to the new Administration to all the new Cabinet members, and all of the members of Congress. Welcome, celebrate and savor the moment. The truly difficult task of restoring our country starts now.


Sandra said...

We are all HOPEFUL.

jodie nicholson said...

The world suddenly became a better place.